Missy Empire is an attitude and a culture “.

Before few days I've got package from this amazing online store from UK so let's start with review.

1.GIRL PWR T-shirt is basic must have T-shirt . It fits with every style and here is mine.



2.Trousers are my fav. They are really amazing. You can wear them with heels or with sneakers.





3. My third style is Co ord . Gorgeous two piece set.



1494838525441 (1).jpg



To shop these or other clothes go here !

Beauty Box by Wonderstripes Cosmetics

Hello everyone,

My todays post is going to be about Beauty Box I've got from Wonderstipes Cosmetics. I had time to review everythink and I'm so excited to show you my favs.


1.Face mask – I've tried their Moisturizing Booster Biocellulose Facemask which deeply hydrates and revitalizes skin with an instant lifting effect. Main ingredients are hyaluron, collagen and aloe vera – suitable for all skin types. As you know, hyaluron moisturizes the skin and stimulates the cells to produce new collagen, leaving the skin firm and smooth. Collagen stimulates the synthesis of collagen and increases elasticity and tonicity. Aloa vera is highly moisturizing, in addition to being rich in vitamins, amino acids and minerals, which are beneficial to the skin. Free of silicone oils, mineral oils, paraffins, parabene !

This mask leaves my skin really nice smooth and fresh, that glow finish for only 20minutes.



2.Eye pads – The concentrated anti aging activating complex, which contains cornflower extract, d-panthenol & hamamelis upon other ingredients, was specially created for the sensitive eye area. Enriched with moisturizing, soothing components, the skin gets refreshed in only 15 minutes.

In last couple of months I have really bad dark circles around my eyes which I don't know why so this produc is life saver. I store them in the fridge before applying and results are amazing. My under eyes looks so fresh  just like I slept really nice last night.


3.Beauty tape – Another product life saver are definitely these beauty tapes for optical correction of the upper eyelid. Eyes appear instantly bigger and more youthful. With this product everybody can visually correct the eyelid and can thereby not only look fresher and younger in just seconds, but can also feel so.

My eyelids are different. I have right hooded eye so I'm using this tapes only on my right eye. The difference this makes is amazing. I don't have my pictures before and after but you can see it on their website.


4.Fashion tape – The practical and easy to use Styling-Tape is invisible and
 keeps tops from sliding, slipping or falling. The skin friendly double sided tape strips can be placed anywhere onto your skin to hold your outfits in place.
The Fashion-Tape leaves no residue on fabrics or skin.

It can be used on:

Hide bra straps
Secure revealing necklines
Eliminate blouse gaps
Close wrap skirts
Create costumes
Fix hems fast.


Best hair extensions

“This isn't a dream. You've just got the prettiest hair” – Milk and Blush (Discount code Sandra10)


This is my second set of hair extentions from Milk and Blush (Discount code Sandra10). My current shade is Bel Air Baby – perfect ombre style. It's full head hair extensions – classic set, 20-22”.

Hair extensions coming in really nice packaging and everything about hair is in “Care guide” brochure.


My fav style is just straight hair.






Clothing Haul – Style Level

“Take your style to a new level at“.

StyleLevel is Swedish clothing brand with which I'm collaborating  from this month.

I'm beyond satisfied with the quality and choice of clothing they offered.

Here are some my styles.

This loungeset is amazing ! The color and material are perfect.

Shop yours here !



20170410_140633 (1).jpg


Another great loungeset but in grey color and with zip . Shop yours here .

20170410_141422 (1).jpg



For some girly outfit I picked this dress/jumper in light pink color. Shop yours here .



Clothing haul – Honeyz

Hello guys,

My todays post is about some amazing clothes I recieved before few days. I have lucky to get package from online boutique Honeyz .

My fav is definitely this midi dress. It's super tight but still stretchy. Great news, this dress is on the sale, so you can shop it just for £12 here.



I also got two t-shirt / dresses.                                                                                                                     I wear them as a dresses with high boots.                                                                                         Here are direct links for shop.

Team Kardashian

Fresh princess



Ego Shoes


Even you've already seen photos of those shoes on my Instagram I am going to present you more here.

  1. Ivy Over The Knee Mocha Faux Suede Boots (£34.99)


I ordered this one before 4 month  (in september). They was apsolutely must have for fall season. They fits very well with almost everything. I was using this one just for photographing because I ordered big size. I am usualy UK size 3 but this ones are size UK 4. (They wasn't available in size 3 so I choosen size 4…I should wait them to get back in stock).





2. Zina Khaki High Ankle Boot In Lycra (£34.99)



Another one must have.

I was so crazy about this Yeezy inspired ankle boots. Ego have these in many styles, different colors and different materials so I was so in doubt which to take. My choice was between these in khaki and beige color. Finaly I pick this khaki one .





3. Tasha Perspex Clear Ankle Boot (£39.99)


These perspex who…  I have just one word to describe them PERFECTION !






4. Farrah Rubber Slider With Faux Fur Trim In Pink (£19.99)


These faux fur slider are super cute and perfect for winter season. I love wearing them just for chillin’ at home.